The Whispering Pines


Sun shining on top of a beautiful pine tree.


More sun shining through the pine trees.

I had never given much thought to trees until in the 1960’s when I heard this song by Johnny Horton.

While going through a heart breaking time I listened to the song over and over again. I would sing along with Johnny but would replace the “she” with “he”. Music has always been a great healer for me and music in the 50’s and 60’s helped to heal a lot of my pain and heartbreak.

Listening to the song sometimes I would wonder if pine trees really whisper. I don’t remember seeing a pine tree until I moved back to Arkansas and there were lots of pines here. I still did not really pay that much attention to them though until we bought our land. There were lots of pine trees on our property and I knew right away that I really liked them.

Oh, yes the pines really do whisper and I love hearing them. Sometimes they sound lonely and other times they sound joyful. I can go out and listen to them and feel peaceful. Let me hear a good song or a pine tree whispering and I feel rejuvenated.

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