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Earliest Memories Of Me And Trees


Thinking back to the earliest times trees made an impression on me…I had to be no more than 7 years old.

My earliest memory is of a night that my daddy took me with him to look for raccoons and opossums. He wore a cap with a carbide light on it and when the light was aimed at a tree the eyes of any animal in the tree would shine. That was amazing to me, I had no idea animal eyes would shine in the dark when light hit them.

Daddy could tell by just looking at the eyes if it was a raccoon or an opossum..he called them coons and possums. It was fun walking through the trees looking for those shining eyes and I have never forgotten that night.

The second time was when I decided I would climb a very large tree in the back yard. A little neighbor boy had climbed the tree and made it look easy.

Getting up in the tree was easy but after climbing up a ways I stepped on a limb that broke and I fell to the ground landing on my back. The back of my head hit a large root on top of the ground and split the back of my head open.

My head had to be shaved and stitches put in. I remember it not hurting and the doctor telling me that I was good while getting the stitches. My head was probably numb from hitting the ground so hard…other than that possibility I have no idea why it did not hurt.

By the time my mother took me back to get the stitches removed the hair had started to grow back on my head. When the doctor pulled the tape off hair came with it and I remember that did hurt a lot.

I not only have the memory of that tree climbing adventure I also have a large scar on the back of my head that refuses to be covered by hair. There is a cowlick on the other side of my head therefore I have many “bad hair” days. 🙂

A big lesson was learned the day I fell and I have never climbed another tree. Now I stand with feet planted solidly on the ground and just admire them with no desire to be in them.

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  1. Oh dear, what a tree climbing adventure! I was never a climber, but my younger sister was. I was always scared looking at her expecting a limb to break, but it never happened to her. You were brave then as you are now. Many hugs from Dylan and me to you all ❤

  2. I put all the things you named in my oatmeal except the jelly. I also like it with just butter on it, like eating grits with butter.

  3. I have not been commenting because I could not find the comment place. I read this and liked the other day and came back and found it because there are other comments now.. I am always first and see no other comments. I did no know about the eyes, I have never had stitches other than 3 surgeries in my 74 years. no broken bones. that is because I am a coward and afraid of anything with the slightest chance of harm… no hurt no fun

    1. Sorry for the confusion on the comments. I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted a comment box or not on this blog. I finally decided to not have one on my picture blog but put one on this blog. Thank you for coming back and taking the time to leave a comment. I am glad you have not had broken bones. I have had a lot of stitches and a few broken bones but hope to not have any more. Thank you for being a faithful follower sweet Sandra. Hugs

    1. Thank you. Sweet Binky I have had a few like you who loved climbing trees. I am with Granny though heights are a scary thing to me too. Have a great week. ❤

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