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Camping At The River

green trees and lake photo
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Weekends during the summer camping with friends at the river was very much looked forward to for several years.

We had a favorite spot to set up camp where there were lots of trees with wonderful shade. After unloading the cars and setting up everything we would enjoy just sitting under the trees and visiting for a while.

The trees gave us shade, cooled us from the heat and provided us a place to string a line to dry our clothes. We did most of our fishing at night so we napped some during the day. It was easy to fall asleep listening to the rustling of the leaves in the trees.

We watched the children fish and play during the day. At night we baited our hooks, set out our poles and sat in chairs or laid on cots dozing off and on until we heard the awaited “zing” sound…then we would all jump up and run to see who had something on their line. We were all excited and thinking it was our line with a nice, big catfish on it. Some nights the turtles kept us busy but that didn’t keep us from looking and expecting to see a catfish.

One night we all were hoping a very large catfish was on my line after seeing the end of my rod dip way down, but we figured it was more than likely a large turtle on my line. It was difficult to reel in but I finally got it near enough to the bank that I could reach down and pick it up to see what it was. When I pulled it up there in my hand was a snake. Well, I didn’t hold that snake for long it was dropped right back in the water with a big splash.

I reeled the snake on to the bank of the river and we saw why it was so difficult to reel in. It had wrapped itself in fishing line and the hook had hung on to the line in the middle of the snakes body…I was reeling it in sideways. We cut the line off and let the snake go. That was the first and only snake I have touched. I don’t dislike snakes they have their place on this earth, but I do like giving them their space.

I think some of the best food I ever ate was what we cooked on the river…it was delicious. Catfish right from the river to the frying pan…hard to beat that. Served up with some fried potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, sliced onion and tomatoes all straight out of the garden oh, so yummy. Those days were some of the most fun and memorable days of my life.

24 thoughts on “Camping At The River”

  1. What a lovely post Maggie….I could hear & see & smell everything as if I were there….I miss those days of camping & watching the sun set….*sighs*….those were the good old days for sure….
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    1. They were wonderful days and I miss them too but don’t think at my age I could do it now. Thank you for reading my posts and leaving such kind comments. Hugs dear friend

  2. we had a lot of giggles over the magic blanket, he doesn’t hate cameras like jake and baby but he will not pose. YET!

      1. we just found out two days ago he watches TV. everytime he sees a dog he sits or stands up to watch and just now he watched a big creepy crawly going across the screen.

    1. Oh, yes you did…to get some though you would have to be here when it is served…it goes away quickly. Nose kisses and hugs to you all from us.

  3. thanks for all the comments on Big Boy, he is a charmer and I know you can tell that by your comments. Yikes on the snakes. my youth was a lot like this, the only thing was I hated it with a passion. we went to the Altamaha river, it was full of snakes and I refused to get in it or in a boat. my mother and I stayed on the banks and read books together, Daddy and my brother fished. at night they put out trot lines, the next morning they pulled in the giant cat fish. mother brought PBJ sandwiches for me because I refused to eat catfish. I begged each time for them to leave me home with my aunt and cousins… mother hated it also but would never say so… she loved all things beach and daddy did not. he was the KING and we did what he wanted not what we wanted. all said though I was raised by God fearing honest parents and they made me what I am. I still don’t camp, do boats or eat cat fish. HA HA

    1. Thank you so much for sharing with me about your family and fishing. I would not want to fish where there were a lot of snakes either. I have not camped or fished for many years but I do still love catfish and I think AR has some of the best. Your parents did a good job and you turned out great even though you don’t eat catfish. LOL

  4. I’ve had a few snake experiences. The most recent was when I was bush walking and stepped over some fallen palm branches when a big black snake that had been hiding inside jumped out and headed rapidly for the surrounding bushland. I was so frightened but thankful for the protection of a guardian Angel. It was a poisonous one and I didn’t have my cell phone with me to call an ambulance if bitten.

    1. So glad you escaped that snake. They are very good at hiding and can quickly get you. I know someone that was recently bitten by a copperhead but got to treatment in time and he is okay. Aren’t you thankful for the guardian Angels that keep watch over us. You keep an eye out for those critters and give them their space.

  5. This is a truly wonderful post, dear Mags. It brought back a picture from almost 25 years ago when we watched children fish at Lake Langano in Ethiopia and then prepared catfish for dinner under the starry skies. We placed the aluminium foil packages under the glowing coal and ate the fish with potatoes baked in the same way. There was nothing more delicious. Thank you for bringing this memory back to me through your beautiful writing.

    1. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed reading the post and it brought back nice memories for you. Thank you for sharing your memory.

  6. Kind of felt badly for the snake. Hopefully he got untangled. What a beautiful place and what is better than camping?? Nothing.

    1. The snake was fine, after I reeled him up on the bank the guys cut the fishing line from around him and he took off in the water. The picture I posted is not of the river where we camped. I did not have one of that river nor could I find one to borrow.

  7. I too have fond memories of camping out at the river, one of the beautiful rivers where you camped and fished. I really do not think, as odd as it sounds, that we were ever at the river at the same time.

    My family and I did not fish, we canoed. So relaxing, drifting and rowing down the river. Even though we did not fish, we had some of that wonderful food that tastes so good when cooked outside on a fire or the wonderful Coleman cook stove.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories, and causing me to think of mine! Love you!!

    1. I am so happy reading this post helped bring back fond memories to you of your days at the river. If we were at the river at the same time we never knew about it or we would have been spending some time together. What wonderful added fun meeting up with your family that would have been.

      You are most welcome. Love you too! ❤

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time camping with your friends! But oh my, snake! I would jump so high if I fished a snake 🙂

  9. Love this post, Sis ❤ My Mom loved to fish. I can't begin to count our days and nights at rivers and lakes-LOL I'm not one to love fishing, but I'm grateful for the memories. Being in the out-of-doors is a special treat-nothing like it in the whole wide world. Thank you for sharing blessed memories 🙂 Hugs and love ❤

    1. It pleases me very much that you enjoy reading my blog posts sweet Sis. I came from a long line of fishers and I loved it in my younger days…not too sure I could handle it now days though. You are so right about being in the out-of-doors…so refreshing and calming. You are most welcome. Love and hugs ❤

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