My Little Fur Buddy And Trees


In the spring and winter there is always extra yard work to do. We have thunderstorms and tornadoes in the spring and ice storms in the winter. When they come they always leave limbs and debris in the yard.

Chancy loves helping with picking up the limbs. He has given us so many laughs with his yard work. When we pick up limbs and put them in a pile he does the same thing, but he makes his own pile. When we are finished we sometimes have several piles and he has his one pile. If he can get the limb in his mouth he is determined to get it to his pile and does.

In the fall he loves playing in the piles of leaves that are raked up. In the summer he enjoys the nice shade to cool in after a nice run around the yard. When I do pruning he takes the limbs as I cut them off and makes his pile. He is so funny and so much fun. He makes yard work more enjoyable for sure.

It makes me sad to see damage done to the beautiful trees from storms.


11 thoughts on “My Little Fur Buddy And Trees

    1. He for sure is special and so smart. I have had many dogs share my home but he has topped them all. I am so glad you enjoy my little Chancy Man. Hugs

  1. that is a LOT of PILES of sticks. this makes me think of our beloved angel Jake, he loved sticks like Chancy does. we miss him even though we have our beautiful big boy… thanks for all your wonderful comments. for some reason this blog was not on my list. now it is

    1. Those large piles are limbs we had to pick up, saw into smaller pieces and burn. They all broke and fell to the ground during a huge ice storm.

  2. Thank you so much for my Chancy fix. Missed seeing that little guy. Ah, he doesn’t hire out does he? What a great job he does.

  3. LOL-Chancy Man is a terrific helper, Sis. I love the pics and the story behind the limb piles! Nose kisses Chancy Man ❤

    1. We had to have a lot of our trees cut down because of storm damage so he don’t have limbs to tote and pile up much any more. When I prune the shrubs though he stays very busy….he is so funny and loves yard work. I will see he gets those nose kisses sweet Sis. ❤

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