Back When Life Was Simple

Keeping items from the past or other things that remind me of cherished memories from the past is something I enjoy.

Like this old shovel…


It was used to dig holes for fence posts, planting trees, flowers and digging graves for many beloved dogs, cats, a rabbit, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs. Just to name a few things it holds memories of.


This old tub was used to bathe dogs, catch rain water and to carry things. It also reminds me of the times as a child I bathed in one like this one. The most vivid memory I have is taking a bath in one at my grandparent’s place. Granny would put the tub filled with water in the sun and leave it all day to warm the water. In the early evening we would bathe…all of us in the same water. It did not bother us at all that we used the same water that was just part of life back then.

I miss some parts of the simple way of life and have many wonderful memories that I hold dear. Like the day my mother showed me how to make cucumber dolls with cucumbers and wooden match sticks. The days with my sister making mud pies, playing church, selling candy and watermelons. The days we played with raccoons and baby rabbits that our daddy brought home from the soybean or cotton patch. What fun it was sleeping on a pallet on the floor with my sister and cousins. I still like to sleep on the floor…I just can’t get up from it as easily I did when I was younger.


And those few times my mother would pick up her guitar and sing to us girls. The only song I remember her singing was “Chewing Gum” she did not sing all the verses but we enjoyed those that she did sing. We especially liked the last verse and would laugh when she got to that one.

There are so many things of today that I like and appreciate but I really do miss a lot of what the simple way of life was like. In my opinion the world would be a better place if it were quieter and did not have so many bells, whistles and frills so to speak. We need to breathe cleaner air and hear more sounds of nature something that is not possible to do in most places now days.

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If you have not heard the song here it is…


20 thoughts on “Back When Life Was Simple

  1. Wonderful memories, dear Mags. I agree that life was simpler and in many ways we enjoyed it more. We had more time and it was more peaceful. I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season. Hugs from me and Mr. D. to you all.

  2. That was lovely, and it is so true that we didn’t have all the so called convenient things we demand today, but back then we could go anywhere as kids without fear and need for protection and we made our own toys and play things. The tub take us all back to the 1930’s era when neighbours helped each other and stopped by to chat. Now with two adults working just to survive and living in apartments doors are shut and visits feared and unwelcome. Wild animals and domesticated ones were our pets and were not abused or killed for pleasure. I think TV, cable and video games have pickled our brains and left us insensitive to reality and real love, not fake love. Good post there Maggie.

    1. Thank you my friend. I enjoyed reading your comment and agree with you. I always enjoy your stories of your growing up years and other stories. Thanks for being a faithful friend and reading of my blogs.

  3. I remember this song 🙂 First time I’ve heard it since a long time ago. Love your memories, Sis. Those baths in the tub were the best-LOL Thank you for taking me back to a simpler time.

    1. I think you are the first one to read my blog that has heard the song. You are welcome and thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting. Love and hugs sweet Sis! ❤

  4. Those were wonderful memories that brought back a few of my own. I often wonder what this generation will fondly remember in the future.

  5. this song is new to me but I do remember a fond memory of who could chew the most pieces of bubble gum and blow bubbles. I enjoyed your fond memories… we had two tubs like this and a long one for bathing in, like yours but a bath tub. mother heated the water on the stove and we huddled in the kitchn once a week for a bath, all in the same water. my hair was washed then also..

    1. I don’t think I ever heard the song you mentioned here. I am glad you came to visit and enjoyed reading my memories. We washed our hair also when we bathed. And guess what…we all survived those times and turned out just quite alright didn’t we?

  6. What a wonderful & poignant blog post Maggie! I remember being bathed in an enamel bowl as a wee baby…And being able to go out to play after breakfast & not having to come home until the streetlights came on. If Nanna wanted me she would just call the neighbors. Everyone knew everyone & we were all so safe.
    I have my Nanna’s Tobacco Stand that I used as a Prayer Altar. It is not worth anything but it is priceless to me. And I have both her & my Zaida’s nite stands in bedroom….they were made right here in Owen Sound. They are a bit battered but still stable & strong.
    Life was so much simpler. Today as I’ve been cleaning & eating & no on PC I can see out my window people driving by like they have all the devils from H*LL-O after them….the roads are slick so I’ve no diea why everyone is in a hurry…..I’m so grateful I can live Life at a slower calmer pace.
    Sending you Christmas wishes & lots of ❤ ❤ Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the post and to share your beautiful comment…I enjoyed reading it so much. It warmed my heart to hear of some of your precious memories of early life when it was more simple and not rushed. I too am glad to be able to live life at a slower pace. Love and hugs to you sweet Sherri-Ellen my friend.

      1. It is so funny Maggie….when I get to go thru my old neighborhood I suddenly am a child again. I wave at ‘my’ house; ‘cy cousin’s house & to the Fir tree no longer there but in my memory. I am so glad I have so many photos of my childhood & early teens…so many memories….all so lovely…..

  7. OH Maggie!! This is so beautiful. Brought happy tears of memory and sad ones for the generations of today.

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