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Entertainment In The Trees


I spotted this beautiful dove resting in a tree on a very hot and humid summer day. What a great shade the tree made.


What fun it is to watch the young squirrels scamper around and up and down on the trees. There were three of them playing in the tree and they kept me entertained for sometime.


Trees help give life to not only we human beings but the wildlife as well. This Northern Flicker was finding and eating insects found on this tall pine tree.


A very handsome male robin just hanging out enjoying his surroundings and the shade of the tree. I never know what I am going to spot in a tree so I try to keep my camera handy.


Just look at that cute little critter enjoying a nice nap after frolicking in the tree. Take time to look up in the trees you may be surprised what you find there. Trees and what one can find in them is amazing.

I am very pleased that there is so much activity in the trees at my place…I love it can you tell? 🙂

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38 thoughts on “Entertainment In The Trees”

  1. Nature’s entertainment is the best! You have captured many beautiful moments here, dear Mags. Warm greetings and hugs from me and Dylan to both of you ❤

  2. MeOW So many cute things in your trees. We don’t look up fur fear a bird might poop in our eyes or our faces will get caught in the web of a web worm. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Hehehehe only slightly Maggie!! Just kidding! I used to love walking Siddhartha Henry & looking up in the trees with him to see birds & squirrels & chipmunks. I LOVE the napping squirrel photo! What a great shot my friend.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

      1. You know Maggie when no one interfered with Purrince Siddhartha he was as happy as a clam. We would walk all thru our backyard & into the High Rise’ backyard w/out any trouble. We could walk out front too if people left him alone. He made so many friends…..I hold on to those happy memories but I can say the times some IDIOT in here scared him has haunted me ever since. So I have to focus on good memories! 😉

      2. It is a terrible thing to say but some times RESENTMENT towards the nasty people in this place really gets to me! I have to pray it away Maggie….
        It was like they were jealous of the relationship I had with Purrince Siddhartha & wanted to ruin it. Well I hope they are all happy. I
        I will never walk in our communal backyard again nor will P SH. And I will never speak to any of them.
        Honestly I have kept BellaDharma hidden away from everyone but 4 people in here. I lost my trust pretty much completely…..
        With BellaDharma being an abused & neglected cat I don’t want to expose her to anymore negativity!
        Thanks for letting me share all this with you.
        {{{hugs}}} & ❤ Sherri-Ellen

      3. Good idea to keep your distance from them. You are not alone in having to pray away feelings. I have had to do that with a situation with one of my neighbors. Hugs

      4. Oh Maggie I am very sorry you are in a situation with a neighbor. Sometimes I really wonder about people…..
        I guess we just have to keep praying & keep ourselves away from toxic people!
        {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

  4. You really get such lovely shots. I am so envious. That dove is beautiful. Loved the squirrels. I could watch those intelligent athletes for hours but sadly I don’t have the first one here.

  5. Oh Sis! These pics are delightful. I love trees. Thank you for sharing the beautiful life that Mom Nature provides so freely ❤ Enjoy!!

  6. We enjoy watching birds and for years had bird feeders and humming bird feeders. Where we moved to in our final years is along a water slough and there are rats in the rocks that line the water channel for boat s and we have a lot of wind that flings the seed out of the feeders and slings the sugar water out of the hummer feeders. And then there are the nasty African ants that climb all over the hummingbird feeder and seed. So we don’t feed birds. I am trying to plant my garden with things hummers like as well as bees and butterflies. I miss having the birds.

    1. With all of that happening around your place the plants for the hummers is a good idea. I have plants that hummers, butterflies and bees like. You will have birds again I bet when you get your garden going.

  7. the squirrel at the end makes me want to kiss his sweet face. so cute. love that robin.. I am a huge fan of entertainment in the trees

  8. How wonderful! While here in Florida for vacation, am enjoying lots of water birds and a few
    other “newbies” … tho my photo-taking has been on the not so good side, I keep trying! The favorite so far: a red winged blackbird. What a handsome boy he was! Well, suppose it might have been a lady?!

    1. The red winged blackbirds are so beautiful. I have never seen a live one, only in pictures. I hope you will share so I can see the great photos I know you will get of those birds. You are a great photographer.

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