Too Frightened to Think

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When I was 18 years old a lady with a gun was chasing me from where I was working out into a very busy street. She apparently had been told that I had done something that was not true, or it was mistaken identity.

I was terrified trying to get across the street and away from her. Running with all in me I made it to the center of the street and almost ran into a city bus but was able somehow to change directions and run along side the bus heading toward the rear. I quickly made it around the bus and ran on across the street. Cars were buzzing all around me and all I can think of to explain why I was not hit by one is that someone, somewhere was praying for my safety at the time.

After getting to the other side of the street the lady was still coming after me. A friend was having coffee where I was working and he jumped in his truck, drove around the block caught up with me and stopped long enough for me to jump in. He quickly took off with me in tow and took me to safety. I did not know that lady and never saw or heard of her again.

Have you ever been in a situation that terrified you to the point you could not think…but just reacted to the circumstance?

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    1. I wish it had been a dream. Wow that had to be terrifying to be rob at gunpoint. I am so glad you were able to testify and get them jailed. I hope you never have to go through anything like that again. Hugs

  1. Oh, Mags! And here you are writing about it all these years later. You don’t forget horror like that! I had quite a number of scary experiences but I don’t want to think about them. I’m feeling YOUR experience right now–that’s bad enough! :0

    1. Why I still remember that experience I don’t know. I am sorry you have had so many scary experiences and I hope you can forget about mine. Big hugs sweet Mandy

  2. OMG Maggie! What a terrifying experience.!! Good thing you had a friend in vehicle to get you away from the person……
    I too have had a few wild experiences in my life where I just reacted. I will share this one: From ages 18-23 I was stalked by a man I’d dated 3 times. I’d broken it off gently. The man broke into Women’s residence & attempted to rape me twice. I literally fought him off both times & ran down street half naked in mid-Winter. I moved to another town & got married to Hubby #1. For 5 years I carried a gun to protect myself from ages (18-23). Police would not do anything.
    Into the 5th year the man Ed found someone as twisted as him who called our house @ 6 a.m. saying he needed a Tow Truck at far end of city along the Highway. My hubby asked him why he hadn’t called Dispatcher? The guy gave some lame excuse. I shot out of bed & went out on porch & looked down street to see the white Gremlin at corner. Hubby came out & told me he was going to act like he was going to do call & would call Police on our radio & for me to ‘sit tight’. He took off in truck & I got my gun & loaded it. By this point I was on ‘auto-pilot’. I went out onto porch & Ed drove up & got out of car & started walking up sidewalk to our house. I yelled if you take 3 more steps I will blow your brains out!” (Very Charles Bronson like!) Ed managed 2 tentative steps giving the Police & hubby time to reach out place. As they all got out of vehicles Ed took another step & I went to pull the trigger. Police took him down & hubby came up on porch & took the gun from me. It was all so split second & yet like a slow motion movie. Ed went to jail. Thankfully. Then he was escorted out of town for good. I then relinquished the gun to Police with permit & asked them to take care of it. I’ve never had to carry a gun again altho’ when the ‘crazyman’ in here kept coming after me I DID consider applying for a permit once again.
    All I can say is if the Police had not arrived at the precise moment they did; Ed would have been dead. I was done being terrified & scared & stalked by a lunatic.
    I’ll never forget that experience!
    (((Hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

    1. Stalkers are terrifying. I am so sorry you had to go through all of that for so long. I am thankful that the police got there and took care of the situation and you did not end up shooting him. I can understand why you were done with all of it…it is horrible to have to live in fear for a short time to live with it as long as you did should never have to happen. Hugs ❤

      1. Many thanks Maggie! I don ‘t often share this story. It was like living in a recurring nitemare day after day. Even on the days the man was NOT stalking or curb crawling me I was still on guard. I had to be.
        When the ‘crazy man’ in here started his shenanigans here 3 years ago it brought back ALOT of memories. And I was really considering arming myself again….no one should have to feel they need to ‘bear arms’ to be safe! After a few long conversations with local Police they finally understood what I’d been thru’ & that I needed protection. The man still ‘passively stalks’ my neighbor & I but he will not come up to either one of us….he has been warned off. He DID see me with another tenant in Common Room Sunday & he stopped & glared in at me leaving & coming back into building. I put on my most fearsome face & stared him down! (My heart was racing I can tell you!) He turned away & went upstairs to his place….a small victory for me!!!! So I KNOW counselling & EMDR treatments ARE working!! 😉

  3. OMC Mags, what a horrible story, but thank Cat there were angels sending help…Phew… Granny once was in a claustofobic situation when she crossed the street in Rotterdam at the station, when at once two trams came crossing her way and she had to stand stil while standing in the middle of them when they were passed each other. Thank Cat she was able to stand still, she frooze anyway…because otherwise she would had been dragged by the trams. It was one of her scariest moments in her live. Pawkisses for a wonderful Sunday to you and Chancy🐾😽💞

    1. Whew!!! That was scary we are sure glad that Granny was able to stand still. Love, hugs and nose kisses for you and Granny.

  4. several times a near miss in a car accident did that to me. twice, once at age 18 once at age 40, I came so close to hitting a moving train broadside because of rain. both time my car/truck skidded sideways and stopped with me starting out the passenger window at the flying train

  5. That must have been very scary. I am thankful nothing like this has ever happened to me.

  6. That’s a tough situation to be, good thing that you escaped, scared but unhurt. You did the right thing by not waiting to find out what it was all about.
    A crazy or angry person with a gun chasing you, leaves you with only one alternative and you outer for that as survival involuntary reaction.
    I’m glad you did! 🙂

  7. At the moment I cannot recall such a moment … of course, we all have had the “close calls” in busy traffic which cause the heart to beat faster. But the fear of such an event as this is obviously long lasting (still with you after so many years!) … never fully going away.
    I hope it only came back to you momentarily, that it will fade away not to be recalled anytime soon.

    1. Thank you. It comes to my mind off and on I have never been so terrified as I was that time. It has for sure been a lasting memory for me. Hugs

  8. Yes! I was in a foreign country (actually the US) driving south of O’Hare after midnight, looking for my place of interview (to start at 9AM) in order to procure a job to emigrate. Stopped along the way at a gas station to make sure I was on the right path. An hour later, at my destination and in exit of my rented vehicle, a young man jumped into my car. There was no one in sight in the parking lot. My instinct was to talk, and talk we did until daylight broke. I said, its time for me to go. I remember not a word, just that he was drafted, and Vietnam bound. He needed an ear. There was no incident, except for the inital heart stopping fear.

    1. Wow, you were brave and I am so glad it turned out okay and you were there for him. One of those times when you were at the right place at the right time. It had to have been very scary though when he first jumped into your car. Hugs

  9. I’m thankful you were able to escape that crazed woman, Sis. What a horrifying incident that almost took your life. I’ve had several scary moments, but I’ll tell about the one that had me really gut-wrenching.

    I was scared to death by a fire in a telephone remote terminal. I arrived on the scene and could see smoke and smell burning electronics. I watered me down and opened the terminal. Flames shot out and I jumped back. I added more water to my gloves and clothes. I reached in and removed the power supply. The fire burned itself out, but my old heart raced for a long time. Someone was watching over me that evening.

    1. Oh, my Sis now that would have been even more terrifying to me I think than what I went through…fire is such a dangerous and scary thing. I am very happy that you are still around after that frightening ordeal and you weren’t burned or electrocuted. Hugs

      1. Thank you, Sis. I’m grateful we are both here and enjoying our sisterhood. Love you ❤

  10. Not that I can recall but that was a horrifying thing to happen to you. I only wish you could have known eventually what made her do that. It could be she was insane so it had nothing at all to do with you. I don’t imagine it did. Horrible Mag…just horrible.

    1. It was not an ordeal I would wish on anyone or want to go through again. I knew I had done nothing to cause anyone to be after me with a gun.

  11. Yes…

    and glad your guardian angel was not “on vacation” at the time this occurred !! for sure mags; someon;e or several someone’s were watching out for and over you ~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥

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