Ready to Get Dirty

The azaleas and irises are blooming at our place and look beautiful.

Young squirrels are running around and having fun.

We are hoping there are baby bunnies under our shed. There has been every year for the last several years. we saw a mama rabbit out the other day.

We have baby robins again this year and also lots of baby Blue Grosbeaks and baby wrens.

We have ordered soil to fill low places in the yard and Chancy and I are ready to get outside, do some digging, spreading and getting dirty. We both enjoy getting to dig and getting our yard looking better. Chancy digs out the roots in the garden spot that is just for him.


  1. Aww, Maggie, your photos are a mood-boost for me. Your wildlife looks like they are posing just for you. From the comments here it sounds like you are getting a whole lot of rain. We’ve had our share out here in the Pacific NW. I’m ready for some sun. Chancy is so adorable. Love you Mags! ❀

    • So glad you enjoy the photos sweet Mandy. Yes, we are getting a lot of rain. Flash flooding and flooding in areas. More rain coming today and tomorrow. I too am really ready for some sun. I hope we both see some soon. Hugs and love! ❀

  2. Chancy, did you found a mousie? Love the flowers, they look so beautiful and the squirrels and birdies…Spring is so full of life and so beautiful ❀ Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to the both of youπŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž

    • No he just smells for and digs up roots…he has a thing about then and thinks they do not belong in the ground. lol Nose kisses and hugs to you all.

  3. Chancy, Cinnamon likes the garden too. And boy is she happy to be back home in Midway. Mom says she can’t get over all the baby animals she saw on the way up and the local deer who brought out her bambi. Mom was really impressed!

  4. Chancey is like Callie. If we could just get them to dig where we want them to, they would be a great help. Still they have so much fun digging that it is a joy to watch.

    • It would be nice if we could just ask them to dig where we want to plant and they would get down to business. Chancy is good about digging in his special spot when I tell him too but haven’t figured out how to get him to dig holes that I need.

  5. I tried leaving a comment but not sure it went through. I am having such a problem commenting even on WP blogs…sigh. Anyway we have also been working in our garden and it is looking really nice. By next year all I need to do is prune!! Loved seeing Chancy at work.

  6. I bet your garden looks beautiful Maggie. I have been digging in the dirt a lot getting our garden planted. We started renovating it last Summer and I had to replace many of the plants that our landscape person assured us would be fine in our garden and sadly they did not live. Anyway, it looks lots better and I have for the first time been applying compost and learning lots about all the plants I select. Love seeing Chancy!!!

    • I have a lot of work to do and then hopefully it will look much better. Sorry about the lost plants and I am glad it is looking better now. I know it will be beautiful when you get it all done after learning the plants that will do well in your garden. Hugs

  7. Beautiful pics, Sis πŸ™‚ Chancy Man is definitely ready to do some digging-LOL Cheryl and I took some things to goodwill and a cardinal winged across our path. The other evening, a bunny sat silently in our backyard. I switched on the light and it froze. Birdies and bunnies are definitely out and about. I saw a squirrel the other day. It scurried across the road. I’m going to miss all the wildlife around here. Enjoy spring digging, planting, and getting dirty πŸ™‚ Huge hugs for you and nose kisses for Chancy Man ❀

    • Sweet Sis, I hope you get a place where you can once again enjoy pretty flowers and some wildlife. I have three boxes in my car to take to Goodwill the next time I head that direction. Chancy Man has already been out digging. lol Our soil came about an hour ago but we will not begin spreading it until after the rain that is headed our way for the next few days. I know this is a very busy time for you and Cheryl, wish I could be there to help you. Much love, and lots of hugs for you both and nose kisses for Bella and Daisy. ❀

  8. I love the digging doggy Chancy.. so cute and wow on bunnies. would love to see them. we have plenty of squirrels and I saw two of them making MORE today. ha ha

      • we don’t have many, we have a lot of hawks in our area and they wiped out the birds and squirrels. we are seeing a comeback of them now. I like the little devils.

      • There are hawks here too and now and then I see one swoop down and grab a bird and fly off with it. I know it is part of nature and that is okay if I don’t have to see it. I like them too!

  9. All the bunbuns run right under the shed when Dougie Dog enters the yard, then he goes crazee and digs around the bottom of the shed on all sides … what a mess he makes! Squirrels are EVERYWHERE, also causing a nuisance while being cuter than cute! We’ve taken down all the bird feeders, thinking they are best taking nourishment from Mom Nature during spring and summer, tho I admit to missing their presence in the yard. Not too many flowers, but then we did not have much in the way of plantings except for our hostas’. Mom Robin built a lovely nest “under the deck (I photo’d it) and soon it will fill with her eggs (if not already) which I’ll need to get on a
    ladder to photo I think, hope I can do so as will have hip replacement in about 3-weeks! UGH.
    That will bring a quick end to summer yard and garden work sadly … oh well, such is life. Your
    cardinal on the header is striking … ours pretty much abandoned us once the “food” went away!
    Happy Month of May to you and yours… Hugs, Ann

    • Chancy sniffs all around our shed but he cannot get to the opening where the bunnies go in and out. I blocked off the back of the shed so he cannot get back there. I think this is the year of squirrels I have never seen so many little ones. I agree with you about them. You be careful if you get on a ladder sweet Ann. I will be saying prayers for your hip surgery to go well and that you heal well. The male cardinals are just so beautiful and such a vibrant color of red. I love to take pictures of them. I will not be feeding the birds after they eat what is on and in the feeders now. I will not feed them again until it turns cold. When the weather is nice and food is available I don’t feed them. Happy Month of May to and yours also sweet Ann. Big hugs

  10. You all are doing what we are trying to get done. My knees don’r work too well and getting up from the garden is so hard we have hired folks to help. My knees are hurt from injuries at work. Chancy, now isYOUR time!!! XXX

    • I understand about the knees I don’t do well getting up and down either and I have help. My son will come and help with anything I need help with and I have a man and crew that does my yard work. I do what I can with Chancy’s help. πŸ™‚ Chancy loves this time of year and he sure outworks me. lol

  11. Mew mew mew Chancy yore a grate little gardener!!! LadyMew told mee ’bout how you dig an till inn yore yard an help Aunty Maggie!
    Meow-wow Aunty Maggie so many baby birdss an squirrelss. So lovelee!
    Iss till too chilley fore us to garden here….*sighsss*
    ~~head rubsss~~BellaDharma~~

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