They Scared Her Away

Three weeks ago I posted photos on my picture blog of a dove gathering twigs and building a nest in a tree in front of my house. If you want to see them you can do so here…Gathering Twigs .

I was excited and hoping I would be seeing baby doves around my place. Well to my sadness and disappointment that will not happen. Blue Jays scared her away and took over the tree.

There is no shortage of babies around my place this year though. There are baby wrens, woodpeckers, finches, blue grosbeaks, robins, grakels, cardinals, sparrows, mockingbirds and lots of these little critters…they are so cute.

In these photos he looks larger than what he actually is, he is a little one. The rail he is sitting on is 6 inches wide so that gives an idea of how small he is.

There have never been baby grosbeaks of any kind at my place but there are lots of the blue grosbeaks this year. I was able to get these photos a few weeks ago.

I saw this young wren about the same time as I saw the blue grosbeaks and got these shots.

There is also an abundance of baby lizards. There is one that I talk to every time I go outside if I see it around. He is usually on the ramp or nearby. Bless him, when I went out this morning I noticed he has already lost his tail. He sat and listened and watched me while I talked to him like he always does. I will keep an eye on him and hope that he survives.

Do you talk to wildlife or anything else that cannot talk?

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    1. Most of them at my place are like yours, this is the first year I have seen the blue ones. I am really enjoying them.

  1. Granny talks to everything what’s alive…animals, critters, plants, all that is seen and unseen, thank Cat she’s not the only one…MOL😸Sorry for the dove, hope she’s got better luck next time ❤ That sounds like a real good time with all the birdies en other critters, Mags and Chancy. Enjoy the cuteness ❤ Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

    1. Oh it makes me happy to know Granny is like me and talks to everything alive. You all have a Happy Weekend also. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. there’s a nest in the groove of the downspout here at work, that finch tried to use, until starling
    chased them out…..the nest has been here for years and can’t get much “taller” as it almost
    hits the roof now….we guess the finch didn’t pay their security deposit 😉 ♥♥

    1. Thanks for the giggle about the security deposit. I am trying to figure out what is with starlings this year. They seem to be more plentiful not only at my place but other place too this year. They are pests! Hugs ❤

  3. Oh yes I do, mostly to my pets but yesterday a huge rat snake made an appearance that had the birds chirping like crazy. I told him in a conversational tone, “Hey big fellow, you really need to get off my property.” He did–or at least I no longer see him and the birds are no longer all worked up. Probably the sound of the lawnmower did more than my suggestion.

  4. The squirrel looks so cute, and looks hungry too. Cute little thing it is. That lizard must always find your stories very interesting 😀 Time and time again I do talk to wildlife passing by such as a bird or butterfly, treating it like a friend popping over…if they scurry away instantly, I know they aren’t up for a chat 😀

  5. yes we talk to wildlife, both of us do it. Yesterday Bob and I had a long conversation with a really big male lizard, he was pretending to be a Kimototo dragon, he looked like one. they are not afraid of us at all because we never harm them. I enjoyed all your sweet little birds and small squirrel. we don’t have as much wildlife as you do. we do have raccoons and possums. I love to see the half grown small squirrels chase each other.

    1. Isn’t it fun to talk with them when they sit and watch and listen? I love it! I have possums but no raccoons, they stay up closer to the top of the mountain where there is a natural spring and creek. I too love watching the young squirrels chase each other around the yard and up trees. Hugs

    1. Some of the bluejays here are mean. They dive down and peak people on the head and do the same to the birds. Hugs

  6. Poor mourning dove. A lot of times sparrows fight bluebirds for the house we have , but my hubby will keep taking out the sparrows materials until it gives up. Our bluebird babies flew the coop this morning, he saw one leave and I got to see one too.

    1. Good for your hubby removing the sparrow materials. Bluebirds are so pretty, I am glad you got to see one leave the nest. I get really excited when I get to see young ones fledge. Hugs

  7. LOL Maggie all the time….I name the Chipmunks &, the Squirrels & I talk to them all the time. This year Chewy Chipmunk (who Purrince Siddhartha Henry caught twice in his mouth) came looking for P SH a few weeks ago. Chewy even approached the condo when I called him. He finally realized P SH is not the cat in the condo now, so he keeps a safe distance but still comes when I call him! BellaDharma has a high prey drive so I have to be careful….
    Oh & the little Mole who lives here is Lowell. My neighbors say I name & talk to anything sentient that moves! ROFWL!
    I can see you having daily chats with your little lizard friend Maggie…..
    Those Grosbeaks are gorgeous….I am sorry the dove was frightened off. blue Jays are such bullies aren’t they?
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

    1. Oh, I knew you are like me and talk to the wildlife and name them. I even talk to plants and trees. We are very like-minded in a lot of areas. Yes, the Jays are bullies and they are very persistent in their bullying. All of the Grosbeaks are beautiful birds. Hugs

      1. LOL I talk to trees & hug them too! I have to put tobacco down for L’il Red the stunted Red Maple across the driveway from me….Poor little tree has no room to grow.
        Blue Jays are bullies here too. The cardinals aren’t; they are very polite & share with other birds.
        We sure ARE alike! That’s why we have been friends forever!
        {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

      2. You said it Maggie! You & I have similar feelings about Nature & we are in synch with Nature & her creatures & birds around us. Not everyone has this ability; we are 2 of the blessed ones! 😉

  8. Beautiful post, Sis ❤ So sorry the doves were chased out by the jays. Those jays can be brutes. Back when my hubby was still with us, he had to wear a hat to take the garbage out to the trash can. A resident jay waited for him and dived bombed his head-LOL I'm happy there are birds still braving the jays presence.

    I do talk to the birds and critters, too. We have lizards and they are fun to watch. I haven't seen any toads this year. There will usually be one that hangs around. I haven't seen our bunnies in a while. They may have moved on.

    You've certainly captured some remarkable pics, Sis. Thank you for sharing your lively yard of birds and critters 🙂 Hugs ❤

    1. For years we had a jay that did the same here as the one at your place. He was selective with his attacks he only dive-bombed one of my sons and my hubby…everyone else was safe from him.

      I have not seen any toads in many years here. I don’t know what happened to all them. When the kids were young and here we saw them a lot.

      I hope all the bunnies there survived and are doing well where ever they have gone.

      I am glad you enjoyed the photos sweet Sis. Hugs ❤

  9. I am truly sorry that the dove parents were scared away. I like doves. I always have. And bluejays are boisterous and bullies many times. Poor doves.

    1. I hope the doves moved to a safer place and they have little ones. Three were in my yard the last few days but the mama that built the nest was not one of them. I agree with you about the bluejays. Hugs

      1. Mags, I have many doves in my garden, in particular, a pair I talked about on my posts as well as talk to. Lately, they’ve been absent, i suspect due to our fourth rescue kitty Elsa who is now the princess of the garden. We’ve rescued and released many birds and daily, there’s food and water out. All are my treasures except for the odd cockroach… I take cover them.

      2. You have made my day…knowing how you care for and enjoy wildlife and taking in cats. You gave me a giggle with the cockroach. Hugs

      3. Oh Mags, I love porcelain frogs and have a few strategically placed in the garden… You should have seen my reaction when a real live one popped his head from the saved rainwater. He’s still around. Two children, 2 cockatiels, 1 husband, 4 stray cats at work and three feline visitors for my kitties food at home , i have a little wildlife sanctuary going on here.
        Some days I growl like a bear, roar like a lion but all days, I love my lot.

    2. Aw too bad the dove had to move away. But I sure hope she finds somewhere safe and quiet.
      I talk to wildlife, too 🙂

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