So Few Of Them

Since March we have seen few days without thunderstorms, heavy rain, flash floods and now flooding. We have seen even fewer days with sunshine so when we do see the sun we are grateful and joyful.

A couple of days ago we had no rain and a little sunshine. Chancy and I took advantage of it and enjoyed some time outside.

We saw these beautiful lilies blooming along side of the driveway. They were my Shug’s favorite flower.

We both squinted a little because we had not seen bright sunshine in so long. We stayed in partial shade until our eyes adjusted to the brightness. The sun felt wonderful and we so enjoyed it.

They sky was a beautiful blue and the trees a beautiful green. Oh, that blue sky looked so good with absolutely no clouds. I love rain when we need it but we have had more than enough and would love to be able to share with those who need it.

We have lots of different kinds of young birds this year. I spied this young male cardinal looking for a meal.

More rain is in the forecast for today and tomorrow but next week is supposed to be rain free and beautiful.

Prayers are going up from here for everyone in the flooded areas. We are hoping that next week the waters will have receded enough that those that have had to evacuate can get back to their homes and begin getting their lives back in order.

46 thoughts on “So Few Of Them”

  1. Oh, it sounds like you and beautiful Chancy enjoyed the change in weather. Sending positive thoughts to those in the flooded areas too. Hugs and nose kisses from Munch and his maid ❤

  2. Maggie, you can send your rain this way! Everything is so dry, needs ma nature to water her creations in my yard.

    I do hope you see that blue sky and sun more days soon.

    Love and hugs and drier weather sent your way.

  3. All this rain is so devastating! I can only pray those poor people get help restoring their homes! Your flowers and cardinal pictures are a breath of fresh air!

    1. I too pray for all the people and hope they get the help they need. There are so many of them that have lost everything and others that will be working for many months to repair all the damage. I am glad you enjoy the pictures.

  4. mags; I hear you on the rain; I have lilies the size of small shrubs; sadly, no blooms ….yet…and when they
    do appear I’ll have to battle the neighborhood hare to keep him from eating the tops off !! 🙂 ♥♥

    1. I hope your lilies bloom soon and the neighborhood hare finds something to chow down on other than your lilies. ❤

  5. Rain rain go away … we’ve had enough of you today …
    and yesterday, and yesterday, and …
    Yes, we are learning the art of ark building. It’s a book called Ark Building For Dummies!
    There’s just been a wee bit too much of it, and especially for our mid-western friends …

    1. For sure we have had too much as has many others. Hopefully soon the difficult and long task of cleaning up and starting anew for some will begin.

  6. Meow wow so much rain there Aunty Maggie an Chancy!! Wee ree-leeved yore both OKay an not inn floodss…
    Wee have had 3 nice sunny dayss an now iss cloudy again an more rain on THE way from Texas THE weather guy meowed tonite…**sighsss**… mee was likin goin put inn Condo efurry day….
    That Cardinal birdie sure iss cute! An Chancy you look furabuluss!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    1. We have finally had 2 days without rain. Today is gorgeous and we are enjoying it so much. I am glad you had at least 3 days of sunshine. Chancy thanks you for the compliment. ❤

      1. THE weather continues to bee upss an down an all over THE place! Better than sum other weather ’round THE world. Wee had a 4.0 Earthquakey yesterday…well it was down South of us butt wee felt it upss here!!! EEKKK!!!

      2. Oh, no! I hope there are no more earthquakes. We haven’t had one here since they closed some of the fracking wells. The flood waters are beginning to recede here now the long months of clean-up has begun in some areas.

      3. WOW! I did not know there were fracking wells in your are Maggie! I am glad they are closed. They do so much damage don’t they? Not sure what set off this earthquake…..at 4.0 it is not a biggie but it is a wee concern!! 😉

      4. It has been all quiet since 4.0…it was close to Michigan….the water carries the vibration tho’. Our planet is trying to tell us something….sad the people in power do not listen!

      5. All this rain & odd weather shows there is something going on…ice flows melting where they shouldn’t be. Earthquakes all over…China had another one…very scary….I guess all we can do is manage our little piece of the planet…

      6. I agree and if something isn’t done soon to start reversing some things it will only get worse. Hugs and nose kisses

      7. You & I & so many others KNOW but we are not in power. All the world leaders & Big Corporations are running things…..it is all about profit. They do not care at any cost to our health or the Planet’s. Sad but true. And frightening for the future generations!

      8. Daily we all see the struggle. People like us do good things & as much as we do good there are those who come behind us & undo the good we have done. I see a lot of wonderful videos of people all over the world doing good for Mother earth…..I pray good triumphs over greed & evil…..

      9. I pray that happens too…we need to hear more about all the good in this world and not all the bad that we hear.

  7. That really looked like a lovely blue-sky day, and sounded like a great walk for you. Sorry to hear about the rain and the flooding, and hope there is less of that soon. Rain is good, but too much of everything is no good. Have a good weekend and good week ahead 🙂

  8. Me too though one day last week it got so hut and muggy that I almost missed the rains. Almost.
    It is so odd how one part of our country is under water and another is starting its fire season. Wish we could spread the wealth around. Looks like a good week ahead for us though. Coolish and dry. I’m ready.

    1. I too wish we could spread the wealth around. Yes we are supposed to have a good week ahead and if today is a sample of that I say YAY!!! It is gorgeous here today and I bet it is even cooler at your place.

  9. Glad you got to enjoy sunshine while it was there 🙂 Those lilies are beautiful and Chancy is looking shiny in the sun!

    Have a great weekend xo

    1. We are enjoying another beautiful day with sunshine today. Chancy thanks you for the compliment. Have a wonderful week. ❤

  10. The flooding has been horrible and we send prayers to everyone too. Great photos and I’m glad you and Chancy enjoyed some sunny time!

    1. In my lifetime I have not seen flooding so bad and so many losing all they had. Thank you for the compliment on the photos. We are enjoying another beautiful day with sunshine today.

  11. I know that you are always surrounded of good company but please stay away from floods. Hugs. 🙂

    1. We are in a safe place and we do not get out and about when streets and highways near us are under water. Have a great week….hugs

  12. we are praying for those that are flooded and praying for us to get some rain, our yard is nothing but sand, we have had 2 rains in 6 months, and not enough to count… weather gone wild for sure. so glad you and Chancy had sunshine to enjoy and tell Chancy is is looking soooo handsome and sweet. love those flowers

    1. Sure wish we could have shared some of the rain with you. Some of my family members have finally been able to go back to their home and it was spared from the water. It breaks my heart to think of all those who are no so fortunate. We are enjoying beautiful sunshine again today and hopefully more people will be able to return home and begin cleanup and starting all over again with their lives.

      1. it hurts my heart watching the chaos on TV… I can’t even begin to imagine losing everything at one time. nothing left but a piece of dirt.

  13. Mags, Chancy, SO glad you got that day dearest friends. WE too have had some sun…9 straight days! Unbelievable. Its been raining the past two and will continue thru Monday but…we got 9 days.
    You two enjoy. Love you both.

    Katie Isabella and mom

    1. We knew you all had been getting a lot of rain also. So glad you had 9 straight days without it. I hope we can see more days in a row without it soon. We have beautiful sunshine again today and it is so nice. Love to you and Katie.

  14. Thank you for posting Sweet Sis ❤ Prayers are being said here for all those affected by flooding. We've had lots of rain, too. It rained hard yesterday and it's gone today. Hoping you see more sunshine soon. Huge hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Chancy Man. He sure is looking dapper 🙂

    1. You are welcome sweet Sis and thank you for the prayers. One of my nieces and her husband was finally able to go back to their home after almost 2 weeks. Their home was spared from the flood waters and we are so grateful for that. They had lost their home to fire not long ago and had just gotten into their new home when the floods came. I hope you all will see more sunshine soon too, you have been getting a lot of rain there too. Thank you for the hugs and nose kisses. Chancy thanks you for the compliment. Much love, hugs and nose kisses to all of you from us. ❤

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