No Matter What

Chancy and I were taking a walk around the yard the other day like we do every day that weather permits.

We noticed that the crepe myrtles were beginning to bloom and were going to be loaded with blooms this year.

We saw this pretty mockingbird atop the fence. It posed for a couple of shots before flying off.

For the first time ever we have noticed several young mockingbirds at our place.

We happened to spy this robin walking around beneath the mock pomegranate bush.

We saw in our backyard that the storm that came the night before had left the top of a neighbors tree and a large limb from another neighbor’s tree in our yard, on top of our fence and tangled in the power lines above.

We had another thunderstorm night before last and the beautiful crepe myrtles are now damaged and some will have to be removed, but no matter what we always find beauty and interesting things on our walks around our yard.

The blessings far outweigh the bumps in the road that come from time to time.

37 thoughts on “No Matter What”

  1. Sorry to hear some of the crepe myrtles sustained damage, Maggie. But we love your and Chancey’s spirits … there is still so much beauty to see outdoors. Thank you for sharing photos from your walk!

  2. Lovely walk together … hi, Chancy, so nice to see you again … lots of storm damage up our way too, with an overabundance of sudden heavy rain! Take care … always love seeing your bird images … hugs.

    1. I am glad you enjoy the bird photos…I sure enjoy the birds. Sorry to hear there is storm damage in your area. Seems our weather has been about the same. Hugs

  3. Meow meow lookin mitey fine there Chancy!!! An Aunty Maggie yore so sweet an furry wise! Wee hopess THE branchess get ree-moved safelee an you both can go fore yore walks safelee.
    Wee were under a bunch of storm warninss last week an got nothin!?!? It was furry odd.
    Bee safe Aunty an Chancy ❤ ❤
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    1. The limbs will be taken care of today and we are thankful for that. The weather is acting up everywhere it seems. Hugs and nose kisses to you two from us!

      1. Hurrah fore THE tree limmss beein ree-moved an all iss quiet there fore now! It was furry cloudy here an hour ago an mee wuud not go out…mee thott it was goin to rain; now THE sun iss shinin again…mee iss furry confused/////
        ***nose bumpsss*** BellaDharma

  4. Thank you for my Chancy fix. I have missed that handsome fella. That was quite some mess from the storms. We got a lot of rain and wind but luckily no damage. Lets hope they are done for a while.

    1. Happy to give you your Chancy fix. I sure hope we have no more storms this summer. Glad to hear you have had no damage around your area. Hugs and nose kisses to you all from us.

  5. Lovely photos! Mockingbird is adorable. I’m sorry there were some damages due to thunderstorm, but we can always find something beautiful for sure!

    1. I am glad you like the photos of the mocking bird. You are welcome. Another storm yesterday and this afternoon but thankfully no damage with either of them. The wind and rain was much lighter.

  6. So sorry the storms damaged the trees and crepe myrtles. The pics are outstanding Sis. Chancy Man is looking dapper. Bella’s face is much whiter. They look so much alike. Sending hugs and love to you and nose kisses and tummy tickles to Chancy ❤️

    1. What a wonderful surprise to see you here sweet Sis. Thank you and I am so happy you enjoy the pics. You are right that sweet Bella and sweet Chancy look alike. My yard man is going to take care of the crepe myrtles for me…he has already cut up and hauled of the tree. Sending all of you much love and hugs. Give sweet Bella and sweet Daisy nose kisses and tummy rubs for us. ❤

  7. I think that mockingbirds are so interesting the way they can imitate the songs of other birds. I only saw one, once on the power line in our yard and he was just passing by but he kept me looking at him for quite a while. They don’t usually live around here. You are lucky to have some little ones around your place.

    I’m so sorry about the storm damage and that beautiful Crepe Myrtle. The blossoms are so pretty. I’m glad that you got to see them blooming before the storm.
    I hope someone can help you with the clean-up.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. They also mimic a cats meow and there was one year for a couple of years that would whistle like I did…had Chancy confused so I stopped whistling for him. The man that does my yard work has already taken care of the tree and will take care of the crepe myrtles when he comes on Saturday. They are so heavy with blooms and with all the wind and heavy rain they just could not stand up to all of it. Hugs sweet Julia

    1. Sweet Mandy it makes me feel good to know that you love the photos and enjoy them. Chancy is a good little buddy in a lot of ways. I would be lost without him. Hugs sweet Mandy

  8. Those were excellent shots of the mockingbirds and the robin. I feel badly for the crepe myrtles having been damaged and I hope that the neighbors will make arrangements to get the fallen tree off your fence and I hope insurance helps. Smooches to Chancey. XX
    Katie Isabella and Mommy

    1. Thank you I am glad you liked the photos of the birds. The man that does my yard work cut up and took the tree. He is going to take care of the crepe myrtles when he comes on Saturday. I am so thankful the fence was not damaged. We send love and hugs to you and nose kisses to sweet Katie.

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