A Special Blessing

It was a cold rainy April morning. A man walking across the parking lot of a shopping center in front of a vacant building heard a noise, but couldn’t quite make out what it was so he didn’t pay that much attention to it. He walked on a ways and heard the noise again this time he stopped and hoping he could hear better and figure out what the sound was. After pausing for a while he heard it again, this time he thought to himself…that sounds like a baby crying. He waited to see if he could hear the sound again. After a few more minutes he heard it again and this time he was quite certain that it was the cry of a baby that he heard.

He could not understand why he was hearing cries of a baby coming from the direction of the vacant building. The building was closed and had been for several months. It was a Sunday morning so there was no one but himself and the crying baby around the shopping center.

He kept hearing the crying so decided he should try to track the sound to exactly where it was coming from. Walking toward the building he noticed the crying was getting louder. When he arrived at the front of the building he stopped to listen more intently. The crying was then sounding more like it was coming from behind the building so he began to walk to the side of the building. When he arrived at the side of the building the crying was still yet louder so he walked on down the side to the end then turned toward the back. When he entered the alley at the back of the building it was quiet and no one was around. He stood there for a while puzzled and looking around, when all of a sudden he heard the cry again.

He was very quiet and listened carefully. This time he could pretty well tell the direction the sound was coming from so he headed off in that direction. In the meantime the crying had once again stopped. He walked on a ways and again stood quietly to listen for the cry again. After standing there for a few minutes the crying began again and he noticed that it seemed to be coming from a dumpster that had caught his eye. He walked over to the dumpster, opened the lid and lying atop the trash inside the dumpster was a tiny newborn baby girl.

The man quickly went in search of a telephone and called the police. When they arrived in front of the shopping center to investigate the man led them to the alley and the dumpster that held the newborn baby girl. She was transported to the local children’s hospital where doctors removed the umbilical cord and examined her. She appeared to them to be okay accept for being dirty, hungry and a bit cold. They admitted her to the hospital for observation.

After a couple of days they declared her in good health and ready to leave the hospital. They notified the Department of Children and Family Services and registered her into foster care to be placed in an emergency home. When she was four days old they called me to see if we would take her. No hesitation on our part, we immediately agreed to care for her. So she was checked out of the hospital and brought to our home.

She was the most precious little girl and I knew from the start God had a very special life planned for her. She was very tiny and I had a favorite nickname for her. The name on her birth certificate was the names that came from a caseworker, secretary and me. We were allowed to name her. I was thrilled when they called and asked me if I would like to give her a first name, I had never been asked to do that before.

The authorities were never able to locate the birth mother so the baby was put up for adoption. When this precious, beautiful little girl was five months old a wonderful family adopted her. For several years her mother and I wrote each other at Christmas and sometimes during the year. Her mother and I have a lot in common and enjoyed sharing with each other.

Her mom told me that she made high grades in school and attended college. She also told me that sweet, beautiful girl is still very special and that she too believes that God has a special purpose for her.

I believe with all my heart that man just did not by chance walk across that parking lot at that time on that day, there was some divine intervention. I also believe there were angels watching over this precious baby in that dumpster and kept her from getting colder than she did and also kept her dry.


Thank you, it was so nice of you to take the time to visit and leave a comment. Hugs and blessings to all.

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