Entertainment In The Trees

I spotted this beautiful dove resting in a tree on a very hot and humid summer day. What a great shade the tree made. What fun it is to watch the young squirrels scamper around and up and down on the trees. There were three of them playing in the tree and they kept me... Continue Reading →

They Have Never Lived With One

Sweet PoohGirl is on her daddy's lap in this picture. She was always with him and didn't have much to do with anyone else. She also slept beside him every night. After her daddy passed away in October of 2015 she was never the same. She stopped eating for several days and when she began... Continue Reading →

Run Free Sweet PoohGirl

At 11:00 a.m. this morning sweet PoohGirl drew her last breath and crossed the Rainbow Bridge with Chancy and me with her. Chancy gave her nose kisses yesterday and I held her for 3 hours before she passed. She knew she was loved right down to the last minute of her life with us. She... Continue Reading →

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