Some of the sweet Critters in my Life

Over the years there have been many critters in my life. Life without some furry ones to share it with to me is just not what life is all about. In my younger days I shared my home and yard with dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, frogs, turtles, cows, pigs, horses, a raccoon and tadpoles but the most fun and excitement came after hubby and I married.

Buffy a chihuahua was our first dog. She was a sweet little dog and loved me with all in her, but she did not do much other than follow me around, bark when someone came to the door and sleep with hubby and me or when we were up and our son was in bed she would sleep with him.

She did have a few unusual habits. She loved onions and grapefruit. When she smelled either of them she would walk on her hind legs and beg for them. She got only wee bites of each because they are not good for dogs. It was hard to not let her at least have a lick or a tad when seeing her beg so hard. I would ask her if she wanted belly sugar and she would immediately roll over on her back and would lay there as long as I would kiss or rub her belly.

Buffy had hip surgery on both back legs when she was less than a year old. She lived a long and contented life, never being sick or having any other issues in the 12 years that she lived.

Heidi became part of our family a few months after Buffy came. She was one of the sweetest, most gentle and loving dogs that ever graced my life. I still miss her to this day. She was so beautiful. The vet tried everything to get her ears to stand up, but nothing worked so her ears usually looked like airplane wings sticking out on the side of her head.

One day Heidi was outside, I was in the back bedroom folding clothes. You know how sometimes you can feel you are being watched? I had that feeling as I was folding clothes and looked around the room, when my eyes came to one of the windows there was Heidi. She was up on her hind legs with her front paws on the bottom of the window watching me fold clothes. Now that was a cute sight. I assumed she had been to the door wanting in and since I did not hear her she came to the window to see if she could get my attention, or maybe she was just enjoying watching me fold clothes.

We were foster parents for our state and Heidi loved every one of the children and protected them as though they were her very own babies. She slept at the foot of the bed or on a pallet with the kids when they took a nap. She shared her bed or chairs with the cats too. She got along well with everyone and everything that lived in our home. Here she is sharing her chair with Toby (a rescue) cat. They took a lot of naps together. Toby never got in Heidi’s chair though unless she was in it. He liked cuddling with her.


She would steal the babies’ pacifiers, so we bought her some pacifiers. After that she never bothered any of the babies pacifiers. She would hold one of hers in her mouth while lying in her bed or running around the house. We could say to her “Go get your passie” and she would go get one of them and come back to us. The orange chair was hers and when she was told to go get in it…she did. What wonderful memories I have of her.


She loved to play in the water sprinkler and the snow. The kids spent many hours playing with her in the summer and winter…when the sprinkler was going in the summer and it snowed in the winter.

When strangers would come around she would always let me know with that strong woof of hers and she would not let anyone touch the fence when the kids were outside.

Our son is 6’ 5” tall one day after he had married and moved away he came over for something. He lived not too far from us so he walked over. He reached the side of the yard and rather than walk around to the gate he decided he would just jump the fence. Well, that turned out to be a bad decision. He jumped and was about to clear the fence when all of a sudden he felt pain on the back of his upper leg. Just as he was coming over the fence Heidi grabbed his leg and bit down.

After his feet touched the ground he saw Heidi’s face and said she looked sad. She had reacted to his coming over the fence in protection mode. Son said it all happened so fast that he did not have time to think and he was not sure Heidi knew who he was until she grabbed his leg. He had not even seen Heidi until after he jumped the fence but she saw him come over that fence and got to him in a real hurry. It all happened in a matter of seconds. He only had a bruise on his leg, the skin was not broken. He thinks Heidi recognized him and let up on her bite.

We knew after that day that we need never worry about anyone getting in our yard undetected if Heidi was out there. Our son never jumped the fence again after that.


Next came Ollie a poodle he was given to us by a letter carrier that worked with my hubby. Ollie did not like being left alone and would do his business in the middle of their bed if they left him alone for long. It got to be more than they wanted to deal with so Ollie came to live with us.

He was a fun little dog and loved living with us. He knew when it was time for hubby to come in from work, he would stand at the window watching and waiting for him until hubby got home. When the door opened Ollie always ran to greet him.

He was quite proud of himself and would sit in front of a mirror and look at himself several times a day. I had a small portable organ and Ollie would stand on the stool and play it…sometimes it sounded like he was actually playing a song.

That was some of the fun we had with him. When we left the house though if we were gone more than a couple of hours or so he would jump up in the bay window and dig the soil out of the flower pots. That was all he ever did when we left him home…he never tore up anything or used the beds for his business.


Thank you, it was so nice of you to take the time to visit and leave a comment. Hugs and blessings to all.

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