Special Birth Mothers

A Message To The Birth Mothers of My Children…Barbara, Jenny, Eva (Susie) and ? Polite

I love to sit in a swing and enjoy the sounds of nature as I swing. This is the time I also do a lot of thinking. Over the years I have thought a lot about the joy you brought into my life through the children you gave life to.

Do you ever just wonder where they are today and how they are doing? I think about this all the time and wonder if you do. I also give a lot of thought to what you have missed.

Some of you didn’t get to see their first smile, first tooth, first step, or hear their first word and all their other “firsts” that I was blessed to see and hear. Had you not chosen to give birth to them I would not have heard and seen them either…for that I thank you.

If you could see them and get to know them you would be most proud of them because they have all grown into wonderful young men and ladies.

Has it all been easy, no it has not but I would not change a thing. If it were all to do over again you may not make the same choice, but I would.

Barbara, your baby boys are now grown men out on their own. The oldest of the two has a good wife and they have three children. I wish you could see your beautiful grandchildren. The youngest is not married but he is very happy has a job and  his own place.



They both remind me of you in some ways.

Jenny, you have seen the beautiful lady that your baby girl has grown into although it has been at a distance now for several years. I know it has to be hard to live so close and not be able to enjoy your wonderful grandsons. I am sorry that it has to be that way, but at the same time I am thankful that at least you get to watch them grow up from afar. Sometimes the result of mistakes we make in life follow us the rest of our days.


Eva (Susie), your baby girl is now an adult and a beautiful young lady. When I look at her face she reminds me of Johnnie because she looks just like him. When her back is to me and she is walking I see you because her legs and the way she walks and carries herself is like you. I have told her this.


I didn’t get to meet the birth mother of Krystal but I would have very much liked to. Had I gotten to meet her…she and her husband if they wanted could have visited with Krystal. She was a very special little girl that brought much joy to us and others in her short life on this earth. All I know is a lady by the name of ? Polite chose to give birth to Krystal…bless you for that. If you should ever find this blog and want you can read about Krystal by clicking the following link .

Our Angel Krystal


Will any or all of you ever see this webpage, I don’t know, but if you ever do I want you to know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving your babies life and allowing me the honor and privilege of raising your precious babies. They have had a loving and good home and I will always have a special place in my heart for each of you.