The Mind of a Child

Have you ever thought about what must go through the mind of a child, or tried to imagine how it would feel to experience the deluge of fear that these wonderful little beings must feel, when they are suddenly removed from the only way of life they know and thrust into one where they recognize no faces and are too young to understand what is happening to them? I have many times and even though I no longer am a foster parent this still is very much in my thoughts.

Our children are the future they will one day be the adults that run our government and work at the jobs we now occupy. They should be loved, nurtured, taught and respected while we experience the joy of watching them grow from wonderful innocent little boys and girls to responsible, respected, useful adults that can hopefully do something to make life better for their children and others. There are no words to describe the feelings that must overwhelm them when they are abandoned, beaten, starved, raped, or neglected and then taken to strangers and left to live for a while and then moved on to other strangers or in some cases back to their home where it all began.

I have heard the cries and seen the fear on the faces of many little ones. I have held some all night to try and comfort them because they wanted their mommy (it didn’t matter that their mommy abandoned, neglected or abused them) they loved her with an unconditional love and she was their mommy no matter what. What a shame those mommies didn’t feel that same unconditional love, then I would not have been trying to comfort their baby.

No child should have to be afraid to take a bath or go to bed. But I cared for many who were because where they lived before when they took a bath or went to bed someone always came in and used their innocent, precious little bodies for their own twisted sexual pleasures. These children would never sleep without a light, and they wanted me near to keep them safe while they were in the bathroom.

We always gave every child a stuffed animal to sleep with when they came to our home. There was one precious two year old that would scream every time we put one in the bed with her. She was the only one that never got to sleep with a “huggie” as we called them and it brought tears to my eyes when I found out that stuffed animals were given to her or used in other ways involving sexual abuse. She associated the stuffed animals with the pain and was terrified of them. She was given a special blanket and loved her blanket.

Oh, what agony some of the little abandoned newborns must suffer before they succumb due to their plight. Some are not as fortunate as the one that survived being thrown in a dumpster and came to live with us. Thank God for the man who heard her cries and called for help.

Why must the innocent little children suffer so much? No child should ever have to live in fear or have to go through a day or night without knowing they are loved and are safe. Something is very wrong in a world where some children are treated like they are something to knock around, throw away, starve or abuse in other ways. The wrong just needs to be made right and all of the children need to feel safe, loved and be able to enjoy their childhood.


Thank you, it was so nice of you to take the time to visit and leave a comment. Hugs and blessings to all.

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