They do a Body Good

Laugh and cry are two things I do a lot and experience them often. I have found that both can do a whole lot toward my well-being. I always feel better after a good cry or a good laugh.

If you feel stressed have yourself a good cry or find something you can laugh about. Hubby and I have no problem finding a good laugh because at our age we are always doing something silly that brings about laughter.

There are a few things that happened in our life years ago but we still laugh so hard we cry when we think about them. Right off hand I can think of two incidents we still laugh about.

Hubby had hip surgery several years ago so now every time he has to walk through a metal detector the bells go off.

We were entering a government building one day and when he walked through the metal detecting device all kinds of noise started up. The guard grabbed his little detecting wand and began scanning my hubby from head to toe. When the wand reached the hip with the implant it buzzed loudly. My hubby looked at the guard and calmly told him It’s my “iron” hip. The guard did not seem to find that amusing but I had to restrain myself to keep from bursting out laughing.

I told the guard hubby had hip surgery and ever since then he sets off alarms when he walks through detectors. The guard scanned hubby a bit more and then told him to go on. I have always wondered if that guard ever found that “iron” hip to be funny.

When we left the scene I told my hubby he did not have an “iron” hip or he would have a heavy leg to drag around, then we both burst out laughing.

Another incident that still brings us laughter was when…

Hubby went for a follow-up appointment at the doctor. He asked me to go in the room with him so I did.

Hubby was sitting on the exam table, I was in a chair to his left and the doctor in a chair to his right.

The doctor was asking both of us questions. Keep in mind my hubby was almost 80 years old at the time. He asked hubby how he had been doing since his last appointment. Hubby told him his stomach had gotten smaller and his feet were not swelling since he started him on “Viagra”.

The doctor was silent as he looked up over the top of his glasses, first at me and then at hubby. That was another time I had to restrain myself from bursting out laughing.

The doctor then said with a very puzzled look on his face “I prescribed you Viagra?” I was thinking to myself that I better jump into this conversation so I told the doctor it was Lipitor not Viagra. The doctor laughed and calmly said “Well, that makes more sense I didn’t think I gave you Viagra.”

I figure that story has been told around the doctor’s office many times. It still brings us some big laughs when we think of it.

When things in life seem to get out of hand and out of our control now and then what better thing to do than have a good cry or laugh. I even cry and laugh at the same time sometimes. Those times may leave me with sore ribs and stomach muscles but hey, those muscles need some waking up now and then.

How about you…do you cry and/or laugh a lot. If not I challenge you to try it for it really does do a body good. It has sure worked to keep stress at a minimum in my life.


Thank you, it was so nice of you to take the time to visit and leave a comment. Hugs and blessings to all.

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