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Ready to Get Dirty

The azaleas and irises are blooming at our place and look beautiful. Young squirrels are running around and having fun. We are hoping there are baby bunnies under our shed. There has been every year for the last several years. we saw a mama rabbit out the other day. We have baby robins again this year and also lots of baby Blue Grosbeaks and baby wrens. We have ordered soil to fill low places in the yard and Chancy and I are ready to get outside, do some digging, spreading… Read more Ready to Get Dirty

Too Frightened to Think

When I was 18 years old a lady with a gun was chasing me from where I was working out into a very busy street. She apparently had been told that I had done something that was not true, or it was mistaken identity. I was terrified trying to get across the street and away from her. Running with all in me I made it to the center of the street and almost ran into a city bus but was able somehow to change directions and run along side the… Read more Too Frightened to Think

It Will Be Here Soon Now

Spring flowers are something I look forward to every year. This year I am more than ready to see them after so much rain. Azaleas are so pretty. It is nice to know spring will be here soon. Purple irises are some of my favorites although I like all the colors of irises. Hopefully getting way more rain than we usually get in the winter will not keep the plants from showing their beauty in the spring and summer. Seeing the butterflies and bees return to pollinate the beautiful plants… Read more It Will Be Here Soon Now